Vacuum RF & DC Magnetron Sputtering System (Model: MSS)

Vacuum RF & DC Magnetron Sputtering System (Model: MSS)



·        Steel Chamber Volume: ۶۰ Liters

·        Final Pressure: ۱۰ mbar

·        Vacuum System:

Mechanical & Turbomolecular Pumps

·        Operation:

Semiautomatic with Electrical Power

Water, Pressurized Air and Operator Malfunction Protection

·        Chamber Lid Lifting Mechanism: Pneumatic

Main Accessories:

·        Magnetron Sputtering Cathode; 3″ and 2″ Targets(as ordered )

·        ۱KW DC Power Supply

·        ۶۰۰ W RF Power Supply at 13.56 MHz

·        Automatic and Manual Matching Box

·        Computerized Thickness Monitoring for each Cathode

·        Manual Sample Holder

·        Station Shutter with Manual Control

·        Sample Shutter with Manual Control

·        Local Plasma Cleaning Cathode

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Custom Production
Retrofit/ Upgrading

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