Reticles for Optical Instruments

Reticles for Optical Instruments

Reticles production is accordance with MIL-0-13830


Types of reticles:

– Reticles with thin film  metal patterns

– Reticels with engraved patterns on glass, filled with pigments


Types of thin film metal pattern reticles 


thin film metal patterns are chromium, Gold, silver, Germanium, Nickel, ITO and FTO which coated on glass substrates.



Types of engraved pattern reticles 


In this type of reticles , patterns made by etching into glass substrates and filled with pigment. these type of reticles usually are used in dark field systems.



Reticles are necessary in any optical measuring systems( such as measuring microscopes and autocollimators) and Optoelectronic systems(Encoders, Rasters , Night vision Telescope and Reticle Heater


– Materials of substrates are glass (BK7 and B270), Silicon wafers and Quartz

– Minimum line width of metal pattern reticles  is 0.006+_0.001 mm

– Minimum line width of engraved  pattern reticles  is 0.012+_ 0.002 mm


Manufacturing of many kind of reticles uses for microscopes, autocollimators, telescopes, lensometer, refractometer and reticle heater


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