Electron Beam Evaporation Source

Electron Beam Evaporation Source

·        Power:3KW

·        Beam Rotation:270

·        Crucible:

Copper Crucible, Water Cooled, 20 cc in volume,

Graphite Crucible, 6 cc in volume

·        Voltage:-6 KV

·        Power Supply: ۳ Phases, 10A

·        Filament power supply

۱ Phase, 75A

·        Beam Displacement:

Manual in Longitudinal Direction


The 3 KW Bent Beam Electron Gun has been designed with a 270 rotation angle of the electron beam along with its path. This represents many advantages; protecting the electron generator and the High Voltage parts.

Water cooling channels are integrated just below the crucible. The design of the water circuit and the use of copper as a crucible material ensure safe operation of the source at full power.

The 3 KW Electron Beam Gun source is highly reliable and compatible with high vacuum technology and safe to overheating or unwanted beam deflection.

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